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PARIS Le Bataclan :: 2011-10-18

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NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan
NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan
NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan
NEW ORDER - 2011-10-18 - PARIS - Le Bataclan

Il faut être objectif, New Order n'a jamais été un groupe de scène. Bernard Sumner n'avait pas vocation à être chanteur et guitariste je me suis toujours posé la question. Par contre il a avec les membres de New Order défini les bases de l'électro-pop. Des titres comme "Blue Monday" restent des monuments du genre qui a fait trembler les murs du Bataclan. Et pour clôturer la soirée et mieux faire comprendre l'empreinte laissée dans l'histoire, Bernard Sumner termina son concert par une reprise de Joy Division, groupe qu'il a bien connu, avec ce titre emblématique "Love will tear us apart".

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sillans 2012-09-19 18:54:08
merci à l'huma !
Linus Solanki 2011-10-19 20:52:00
Reformed without Peter Hook, the Red Devils have revisited their repertoire during a show charity dedicated to their friend director and producer, Michael Shamberg. It was, we were able to talk to Bernard Sumner: it tells you. It is 20 hours when you arrive at the Bataclan in the pouring rain to find the occasion fondly called New Order posted up in lights above the entrance. The room, she looks like a pub in Soho: the ratio of French / English is approximately 30 to 60 and can not be mistaken as to the origin of our friends across the Channel as their northern accent and " luv "to all the sauces fragrant gloom of Manchester. Five years after the departure of Peter Hook, almost a decade after that of Gillian Gilbert, New Order forms again for the second time this week without Hooky, too busy to return to Joy Division all over the world it seems. A reunion for fun, but also to help the American director Michael Shamberg, their longtime friend and producer of the critically ill clips of True Faith, Touched by the Hand of God and Regret, to raise funds to cover health costs . "We knew that Michael was in a catastrophic situation and wanted to help. Give these concerts we thought the best way to do something for him that makes sense. It helped us a lot in the past, it was our turn to reciprocate, especially the United States, health care costs are poorly supported "explained later Bernard Sumner. If yesterday the group was in Brussels where he was "finished at dawn," is this evening in Paris that he is reviving its inception thirty years old. Accompanied by Phil Cunningham on guitar and Tom Chapman on bass, the original line-up arrives on stage (without Peter Hook Gillian but then) to begin Elegia and Crystal. The beginning of the concert is dedicated to the securities darkest and most melodic Mancunians. Then immersed in the recovery period the group after the death of Joy Division, resurrection, too, against a backdrop of video clips from New Order - some produced by Michael Shamberg. Ceremony, beefier at the time, resonates in the Bataclan while the public cries of joy. Sumner, he impresses guitar in hand, the British seem thirty years younger than his age is applied, alongside Phil Cunningham, to detach each note as the first day. If the set of Peter Hook is sometimes lacking, all is the road we expected no less of the group, which also seems happy to be there as fans gathered in compact packages. "Who had the idea of ​​party last night?" Sumner asked his colleagues. "Oh, it's me" he says with a laugh. Despite the stifling heat of the Bataclan ("anyone can open the windows?" Do we hear), New Order does not move and started, after a pause where he played quieter including Age Of Consent Love Vigilantes, and, in a large company to restore the Haçienda. "This is where you put the drum machine start" screaming Sumner beginning 1963. It stirs the public who sings in the heart with Barney, while it jumps and dance as a kid. Nothing seems to have changed in New Order, which perfectly fulfills his contract by celebrating his return with ease and enthusiasm - we had a lot more difficult to follow Peter Hook in his resurrection Unkown Pleasures last year at the festival Europavox. While some titles may not have aged very well (we think Bizarre Love Triangle, a little faded by the years), most (True Faith, Temptation 586 and concluded that indeed the set) have retained their magnetism and sound 2011 as if received, the time of joyous evening moved without nostalgia, the eighties and nineties to dinner. Back for a recall, Sumner and his band are not immune to the inevitable (and always hypnotic) Blue Monday, which will be difficult to hear the first notes of the public as the screams cover the sound. Standing in the pit on the balcony, the crowd with a heavy heart when New Order book version of Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division: some dance wildly (it also gives a 10/10 double with Ian Curtis for his epileptic dance next to us), others close their eyes as if to recall a time when Manchester was the center of the world. "Who would have thought that a song so sad one day would bring as much joy?" loose Bernard Sumner, huge smile pasted to his face, before leaving the scene - perfect conclusion to a concert that would not have wanted different. "It was fantastic, really. I was dead because I drank too much yesterday in Brussels. I never had a lot of will when it comes to resisting the temptation to party. We enormously repeated for two concerts. We spent over two months to work. We needed to celebrate the event in our own way I think and I'm worth a hell of a hangover. The heat on stage did not help me . I felt like I give a concert in a sauna. Well, after all, comes from England where it is always cold it feels good to take a hit of heat and sweating a bit "says Sumner when 'it is found after the concert in the boxes, perched on a wall above the stairs, where strategic place in eternal brat, it is easy accomplices sprayed water to each of their passage. "Obviously, Peter was not there, but times are different, things have changed ... I am careful what I say about him" he adds with a laugh. "The only thing I can say is that the chemistry in the group is still there, it amazes me. I feel like a honeymoon in a certain way. Maybe we hate is all in six months, but for now, we are very happy to be together. And then in addition to having been able to help Michael, these concerts have been an opportunity for us to return to this we made the last thirty years: all these songs are our heritage. It is through them that we are what we are today. We can not refuse to perform it because one of the members leave the group. Peter left the band five years ago ". If he admits to being delighted with the announcement that morning, the Stone Roses reunion, the Manchester United quiet game when asked if New Order will return one day in the studio. "One thing at a time, sweet Jesus! We will first start with the concerts, then we'll see. If they all go as well as Brussels and Paris, we may return to the studio" answer does it, suggesting that the group may come back on stage in the coming months. "Obviously, it's always easier when people are happy to be there than us. If the public had not been so enthusiastic, it could have been very hard, but I think we would have when same act. We would have these concerts and they would have said all to Manchester style "he says, raised finger as a bonus. When you are told that New Order has not aged a bit ...
NEW ORDER- | Album : Tutti frutti (2015) | Mute
Music complete
01 :: Restless
02 :: Singularity
03 :: Plastic
04 :: Tutti frutti
05 :: People on the high line
06 :: Stray dog
07 :: Academic
08 :: Nothing but a fool
09 :: Unlearn this hatred
10 :: The game
11 :: Superheated
12 :: Restless [extended bonus mix]
NEW ORDER- | Album : Tutti frutti (2015) | Mute
Tutti frutti
01 :: Tutti frutti
02 :: Tutti frutti [12'' extended mix 2]
03 :: Tutti frutti [Hot Chip remix]
04 :: Tutti frutti [Tom Trago's crazy days remix]
05 :: Tutti frutti [Richy Ahmed remix]
06 :: Tutti frutti [hallo halo remix]
NEW ORDER- | Album : Tutti frutti (2015) | Mute
Lost sirens
01 :: I'll stay with you
02 :: Sugarcane
03 :: Recoil
04 :: Californian grass
05 :: Hellbent
06 :: Shake it up
07 :: I've got a feeling
08 :: I told you so [crazy world mix]

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